Spring is nigh, delicious Rosé 2021 is near from Domaine de la Banate

Very soon our days will be longer, our time outside to spend together breathing and walking and talking and cooking and drinking ROSE are imminent.

To encourage us during the last weeks of crazy March weather, Jean T’Kint sent us this photo and note about this coming vintage from his Domaine de La Banate in the appellation Côtes du Rhone-Villages Rousette-les-Vignes. It is in a tiny village in the northeast corner of the meridional Côtes du Rhône , northern neighbor to appellations Rasteau, Vinsobres… :

“The grapes reached a good and balanced maturity, without too much sugar. We did a rigorous sorting sorting at harvest, which resulted in lovely rosé juice with which to fill our vats. We will have a Côtes-du-Rhône Village Rousset-les-Vignes ROSE of great beauty, floral and fruity, with a good length on the palate and a seductive color.”

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