Marie-Agnes Hérout, cider producer of Les Vergers de La Chapelle, is the “greatest defender” of ciders of Cotentin, soon to receive AOP status!

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Earth, ocean and…cider

And what should you drink with that? Cider, of course! Robust, bordering on austere at first try, the wine from local apples has a special typicity. It is about to be rocognized as an “appellation d’origine protegée (AOP)”, hopefully in 2015. It’s most ardent defender is Marie-Agnes-Hérout. The producer in Auvers, near Carentan, is the head of the union of the promotion of the cider of Cotentin. From behind her small framed glasses, her eyes sparkle as much as her cider when she becomes animated : “Our ciders are not sweet , rather are defined by bitterness and acidity , because of the bitter and bitter-sweet apple varieties used : Belle Fille de la Manché, Gros Amer, Peau de Chien or Tete de Brebis….{Pretty Girl of Manché, Big Bitter, Dog Skin or Sheeps Head}…..Therefore they can be drunk throughout the meal. They are Brut and even Extra Brut with less than 18 grams of sugar per liter. They are not gassed, as are 98% of ciders on the market, but go through 2 fermentations, like Champagne. Their bubbles occur entirely naturally, and last even until the next day after opening. Well….when there is any left the next day” ! These perfect companions to the table have each their own character : subtle at Jean-Francois Vaultier, rustic at Damien Lemasson, fruity at Gaec de Claids….Each one having its place in the “basket of souvenirs” of Contentin, next to the sublime organic confiture du lait from Lait Douceur de Normandie, made at Saint-Saveur le Vicomte by two passionate producers. Stéphanie and Sylvie offer a permanent range of ten flavors of confiture du lait, classic or unusual, with seasonal additions. Recommended: for Easter, go for the marshmallow!

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