A Reclaimed Vineyard in Saint Pourçain ; Denis Barbara’s latest spear-heading collaborative project in preserving the patrimony of his beloved wine growing region.

Denis Barbara, of Domaine Grosbot-Barbara, shares a photo diary of one of his many ongoing projects, the reclamation and replanting of an abandoned historic vineyard.

“Beginning in 2018, we banded together a group of wine-growers, to be able to collectively purchase a large slope of land located in Bransat. Once covered in terraced vines, over time it was abandoned and became a vast wasteland.”

“A beautiful exposition, very steep and sunny all day long, we have done enormous work to lay bare this slope and prepare it for planting vines. The desire and the objective of our group is to revive this côte, replanting it to terraced vineyards: through a sustainable development, it will be a showcase that will reclaim the history and techniques of previous generations, a restoration of forgotten vineyards of this part of our region.”

Constructing terracing walls


to be continued…..

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