Cider Tasting Saturday October 24th @ Wurst Kitchen Lunch 11:30 – 2:30

Cider Tasting October 24th * Pat’s Pastured Dinner *
November will be Austrian Food & Wine Celebration
month at Chez Pascal!
dazzling leaves, pumpkins, cider, autumn is here
We have many wonderful events coming up that will pair nicely with this stunner of season!
Cider Tasting during Wurst Lunch
Saturday, October 24th
No other fruit unites the fine qualities of all fruits as does the apple. For one thing, its skin is so clean when you touch it that instead of staining the hands it perfumes them. Its taste is sweet and it is extremely delightful both to smell and to look at.
Thus by charming all the senses at once,
it deserves the praise that it receives. ~ Plutarch
Cider making is a centuries long tradition in Northwest France. Each cider producing area has developed
a regional style using local varieties.
Join us this Saturday afternoon during Wurst Kitchen Lunch from 11:30 – 2:30, try a flight of 3 different ciders
or enjoy a glass or two!
Perfectly refreshing and a well suited libation for all things Wurst!
Leigh from Wine Traditions, an importer of fantastic small artisanal cider makers, will be here to discuss the beauty of these ciders.
The Line Up:
La Maison Ferre, Cidre Brut, La Cave de Gabriel, Perche Normandy
Cave de La Loterie, Cidre Extra-Brut, Suisse Normande, Normandy
Le Val de la Chevre, Cidre Brut, Ille et Vilaine, Brittany
Plus a perfect time to taste and plan for the Season! Ciders are available for retail purchase at the lovely Campus Fine Wines!

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