Camin Larredya : great article in La Revue du Vin de France


In a breathtaking landscape are the terraced vines of this Jurancon Domaine. Here Jean-Marc Grussaute organically crafts his expressive and sincere “sec and “moelleux” wines.

On these steep and abrupt terraces, the character and finesse of jurancon becomes exalted.

These are roughly translated experts from an article published in the latest La Revue du Vin de France.

The article is visually lovely and an intimate study of Jean-Marc Grussate and Camin Larredya, its landscape, the vineyards and process. A portrait of Jean-Marc as a Pur Jus Bearnais and a pioneering winemaker and a civic leader, adeptly, thoughtfully and cooperatively organizing to champion the cause of independent winemaking in Jurancon ; resisting the local cooperative and the bureaucratic barricade of politicized regulations……working in a collective w/ other young jurancon winemakers who have come to establish a local redefining of the “organic” model of winemaking – so harsh are the conditions of their growing environment ……….making wines that are the true face of Jurancon today.

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