Field Notes from a Biodynamic Vineyard, Mid-Summer 2021: Domaine du Crêt de Bine, Beaujolais

Florence Subrin sends a “snapshot” of the work that is currently going on in their biodynamic vineyard in the village of Sarcey in southern Beaujolais. We will be going more indepth to discuss with her their methods, preparations, their evolving biodiversity projects across the full growing season. Stay tuned……

“This summer, we had heavy rains combined with relatively warm temperatures, which stimulates grass growth as well as cryptogamic diseases [such as oidium, mildew, black rot].

The whole family, along with two seasonal workers, are working very hard controling overgrowth of the grass cover to limit its impact on nitrogen levels as well as limit residual humidity.

We are protecting our vines with weekly organic treatments made of copper, sulfur, tinctures (made from willow branches, as an exemple) and essential oils .

With this continuous care, our grapes are developing very well. We hope this coming harvest will reach its maturity in good conditions.”

Florence Subrin

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