Prehistoric Origins of Lieux-Dit “Pierres Frites” told by Laurent Charrier, Domaine du Pas Saint Martin

a translation of Laurent’s (pre)historical explanation of the place-name “Pierres Frites”, the name of his Saumur Blanc and Saumur Rouge bottlings.


During the neolithic era, our distant ancestors erected megaliths (or menhirs) in very particular locations.

Blocks of hard stone were placed at points of convergence of water currents and telluric currents (points of energy currents emanating from deep earth). They became objects of radiant force, of revitalization. Men and women would come to these menhirs, to rub themselves against the stone, in order to capture the energy coming from the ground.

Oral legends preserved the memory of this ancient period, and today we still have the place-name “Pierre Frite”, coming from the Latin “fricta” meaning to rub (against).

The existence of sandstone slabs in the wood by our vineyards, confirms, in the eyes of specialists, the hypothesis of the existance here of an erected stone.

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