Vintage Chronicles 2019, Domaine du Crêt de Bine, Sarcey, Beaujolais

Florence Subrin’s updates on this years vintage conditions in the south of Beaujolais

“Here, after a warm spring, frost came – we are so far not very sure about it’s impact on the coming harvest. We keep on resisting by using various techniques. Here, pictures of this morning’s battle. Another technique we are using is placing a sort of “braseros” between rows using fire to temper the atmosphere all along the night… ” (April 15th)

Nouaison (Berry-Set)

“……..the current situation in our vineyard. We have avoided storms and hails so far whereas our region has been impacted now for the second time in two weeks…Please keep fingers crossed for us! Grapes are growing, please see this morning’s picture. We expect the harvest to start mid-September. ” (July 10th)

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