You will dig this: David Bourdaire of Champagne Bourdaire-Gallois and oenologue Geoffrey Orban conduct a study of samples taken at 3 levels of subsoil from David’s 4 soil types to study the correlations of terroir and aromatics

“L’objectif est de déterminer le profil sensoriel, olfactif et tactile des sous-sols, et donc celui des futurs vins, qu’ils soient assemblés ou non.”
“The objective is to determine the sensory profile, olfactive and tactile, of the sub-soils, and thus that of the resulting wines, whether belended or not.”
The winemaker and oenologue took samples of soils from 4 parcels of differentated soil types on David’s property and from 3 different depths. They created “infusions” by combining the soil samples with water, placed in tasting glasses for their aromas to be studied as would be wine at its different stages of evolving…….

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